Amore by Dulce is a brand that overflows with love and creativity. Since I was little, I have always had a fascination for visual arts, beauty, nature's colors, history, and design. That is why I decided to study Visual Arts with the goal of pursuing Architecture. I had the opportunity to study Art History, my favorite subject, which allowed me to deepen my knowledge and discover new forms of expression.

Years later, on a beautiful autumn afternoon, I married my husband in an idyllic and romantic palace in Portugal. As we organized the entire wedding together, including all the stationery, starting with the invitation, and I loved the experience, I decided to create Amore by Dulce. From then on, I dedicated myself to creating wedding invitations and all stationery. I use my background in art and history to create enchanting environments.

Currently, I live in the Alentejo region, where I find inspiration in its beauty, sensitivity, and tranquility to plan weddings around the world. My desire is that your wedding invitation reflects you and can be appreciated, shared, and reflected upon in the coming years. Many couples dream of getting married in Alentejo or other regions of Portugal. We are not wedding planners, but we can give you some tips to organize your wedding from afar.

At the moment, we use timeless printing techniques such as digital printing, letterpress, hot foil, and embossing, not only for weddings but also for small businesses. Amore by Dulce stands out in the fine art wedding market. We have changed our work processes, positioning, and image. We would love to help you do the same if you are a wedding vendor and want to enter the world of fine art weddings. We are excited to have a special role in your love story.

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Dulce Araújo Barreto was born near Lisbon, Portugal and when she got married, she moved to Alentejo, an area known for its tranquility and calm lifestyle. The perfect place to work with couples and wedding planners from all over the world and prepare the perfect wedding destination.

If you find her outside the office, she might be eating sushi or chocolate, having a coffee with friends or family and laughing at something. She could also be traveling around Europe, exploring, photographing and enjoying museums, architecture or impressionist paintings, her favorite style.


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